Monday, 27 July 2015

Welcome to my new blog!

Well, I feel I have been lurking in the shadows long enough, so it is time to make myself a little better known!

I have been a ghost writer for some time now, have penned a number of Amazon Kindle bestsellers but finally feel it is time to deliver my own books, my own way. I hope I won't disappoint anyone.

I have just entered a short story competition,so keep your fingers crossed for me! If you want to have a go yourselves, then the details can be found here I was inspired by the image, it reminded me of a moment in my teenage years that was kind of a rite of passage - though trying to recapture it in only 500 words proved to be a challenge.

I hope you will enjoy my blog, my tales of how I go about writing my first books in my own style and under my real name. I have so many ideas, just deciding where to start could be a challenge, but am really looking forward to the ride!

These two pictures probably sum me up the best, I am a creature of extremes! I am homely, outdoorsy; glamorous but cosy. I enjoy beautiful things, and places. I love open water swimming, baking and burlesque dancing - as well as the usual author stuff of reading, writing and cats!

I will apologise now for the inordinate amount of pictures of my beautiful puss, Bob, that are bound to appear here; the images of my favourite swim spots; and the cakes I enjoy making and, more importantly, consuming. If you get bored, don't hesitate to yell via the Comments, and let me know what you would like to see here instead!

This month I am working on a piece to submit to the London Short Story Prize 2015  I have an idea that involves two women, both swimmers at the famous Serpentine swimming pond. The story will encompass two era's, the current time and the post war period of the late forties, early fifties. I am really hoping that it will be an incredible story and that it will do well - so apologies if I don't write here too often, as I will be busy getting it ready for submission!

Please, do get in touch via the comments button, I really want to get to know my readers. 
Best wishes and lots of love
Roly xxx

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